10 Bathroom Storage Ideas That Will Keep You Organized

Bathrooms are such an essential room in the house, we probably use them just as often (if not more than) our kitchens. Typically one of the smallest rooms, bathrooms can be a challenge to organize. We store so much in this tiny space. Towels, hair products, make-up, blow-dryers, and cleaving supplies are all stored in this teeny tiny room that probably only has one cabinet. Because of how often we utilize our bathroom and everything we store in it bathrooms can quickly get disorganized. I’ve researched a few simple ways to optimize storage in your bathroom so you can stay organized!. Keep reading, you might not have thought of these great bathroom storage solutions!

1. Install A Shelf Above The Door

If you have a small bathroom with limited storage options then this might be a perfect solution for you. Installing a shelf above the door can allow you to use up all that dead space and store more! To maximize organization I suggest placing baskets or labeled boxes above the door for odds and ends. Because this shelf is going to be high up and hard to reach, put items on the shelf that are not used often. I found this brilliant idea here from Life As Mama.


2. Put A Basket On Your Toilet Tank

I LOVE this idea. If you have limited options when it comes to storage, you need to make sure you’re utilizing every nook and cranny. Put a basket on top of your toilets water tank. You can store extra toilet rolls, curling irons, blow dryers, and even magazines! Look at this adorable basket Jenn from My Fabuless Life has on her toilet!


3. Install Towel Bars On The Back Of Your Door

Oh look everyone, ANOTHER space you’ve probably neglected in your bathroom. The back of your door is the perfect place to hang your towel rods. Now your walls are completely freed up and you’ll have room for some shelving. This DIY inspiration is from the queen herself: Martha Stweart. 


4. Use The Space Above Your Toilet

The space above your toilet is another great place to add a few small shelves. Rachel from Home Talk had a very small master bathroom and really needed to use every inch of space. Installing a few shelves above her toilet provides the extra storage she needs and the baskets keep her items organized.


5. Built In Shower Shelving

There isn’t much in this world I hate more than shower caddies. Dramatic? Maybe. But seriously These tacky temporary shelves drive me nuts. And whats worse is when bathing products are placed on the ledge of the bathtub or on the shower floor. A built in shower shelf is narrow enough to be installed between two wall studs and is the perfect solution. This maximizes storage space while keeping your shower organized and looking clean. Full article on this bathroom reno can be found here on Domino.


6. Install A Shelf Above Your Sink

Should you have limited counter space (or no counter space like Leanne Ford did in her master bathroom) A great storage solution is to install a small shelf between your sink and mirror. This narrow shelf will help you stay organized. I suggest placing things you use every day on this shelf like Tooth brushes, combs, and soap.


7. Maximize The Space Beneath Your Sink

Kate from House Mix Blog puts my bathroom cabinet to shame. She has maximized the space by adding a narrow shelf beneath the sink. The clear storage boxes really help you stay organized and they are easily stack-able.


8. Use A Fruit Stand For Counter Storage

A standard two tiered kitchen fruit stand can provide some extra storage for toiletries and will keep your counter top clean and organized. I love this idea because it makes cleaning the bathroom so easy! All you need to do is lift up the basket and do a quick wipe down. No need to reorganize your counter top again!


9. Bathroom Storage Cart

Another Great solution to keep your bathroom organized is a bathroom cart. An inexpensive cart from IKEA can fit in almost any bathroom and provides some much needed extra storage.


10. Mount A Spice Rack Behind Your Cabinet Door

A great idea that will add a bit more storage space is another gem you can find in the kitchen isle. Mounting a spice rack to the back of your cabinet door will provide storage space for cleaning supplies or hair products.