IKEA Plant Hacks Your Green Friends Will Love

Ain’t no shame in my plant lady game! Yes, that’s right ladies and gents, I am a full blown crazy plant lady. My living room is full to the brim with fiddle leaf figs, succulents, and a variety of other tropical plants. Confession: My room mate even sends me video updates on the plant babies while I’m travelling. I’ve also just successfully propagated my fig tree and I’m obsessed. Before I know it I’m going to have a full on fig farm in my living room. While the jungle continues to take over, I need to come up with creative ways to make sure my plants are happy and getting all the sunlight they need. With only one window in my space, I’m desperate for a creative solution that also looks super cute. Its no secret that IKEA is my go-to for all things DIY. I love inexpensive IKEA hacks that allow me to add a bit of personality to my space. While I’m searching for solutions to my own houseplant issues I thought I would share with you some awesome IKEA plant hacks.

DIY Plant Shelf

I love this IKEA hack over at Grillo Designs. With a few power tools and a whole lot of creativity Medina took an average IKEA Frosta stool and turned it into two awesome plant shelves. Totally genius and a great solution for apartment dwellers (like myself) who just don’t have a ton of space for plants.

IKEA Hacks your plants will love, Turn this IKEA stool into an awesome plant shelf.

Lantern to Hanging Planter

How great is this hanging planter from Apartment Therapy? I really love the simple creativity on this one. Its amazing that you can take a simple black lantern and completely transform it with a touch of paint. Once you realize the transformative power of paint your world will never be the same!

IKEA Hack for Plant lovers, turn a basic IKEA Lantern into a hanging planter

Cutting Board Turned Hanging Shelf

This hanging shelf made from an IKEA cutting board is one of my original DIY’s. I’m so proud of how this little hanging shelf turned out. Completely versatile and functional it can be used as a mini display shelf to display plants, candles, accessories and more! Check out the full DIY tutorial for this IKEA plant hack here!

IKEA Hack : IKEA hacks for happy plants. IKEA cutting board turned hanging shelf.

Wicker Basket Hack

These DIY hanging wall baskets make for the perfect Saturday afternoon IKEA hack. Its quick, painless and requires ZERO skill. This is my kind of DIY! No drilling or painting required. A few IKEA storage baskets and jewelry wire is all Kara of A Kailo Chic Life needed to create this awesome project. She filed her baskets with faux plants, but I think a few air plants would look just as good!

IKEA Hack for happy houseplants with IKEA wicker storage bins

Rolling Cart Plant Stand

I love this IKEA hack for happy plants using the ever popular RASKOG rolling cart. With three levels you can really pack the plants in. And as a bonus you can wheel this bad boy wherever you need! Easily roll it into the sun so the plant babies can catch some rays.

IKEA Hack for happy plants using RASKOG rolling cart

IKEA Clothing Rack Turned Plant Stand Hack

This one is for all my studio apartment dwellers. What a genius idea to add a bit of privacy, while adding tons of greenery to your space. Not to mention the clothing rack is on wheels which is a HUGE bonus for those living in small spaces. Thats the main reason this is one of my favorite IKEA plant hacks. Having people over? No problem! Just roll your plant room divider out of the way. Love it!

IKEA Plant Hack room divider using a clothing stand.

Painted IKEA Stool Plant Stand

This is another quick and easy IKEA hack. You can add a bit of flair to your space by simply painting a portion of the BEKVAM stool. No one will have a stool quite like yours, AND it makes for the perfect plant stand. Get creative with your paint colors, or even tape off the section at a fun angle, GO CRAZY!

IKEA Hack paint stool for a fun plant stand.

Wicker Planter Hack

This super easy DIY IKEA hack from Carrie is a great way to customize your wicker pots to blend perfectly with your space. The plain wicker was a bit too tropical looking for her home, so she painted a black ombre on the bottom of the planter. Now she has a cute little pot that looks great with the rest of her decor. For a more modern look I would suggest taping off the bottom and spray painting instead of using a paint brush. That way you’ll have a nice clean line and a modern look. Never be afraid to personalize your IKEA purchases!

IKEA Hack DIY obmre finish on a wicker pot

DIY IKEA Hanging Planter

Another creative IKEA hack using the FRYKEN storage basket. The full tutorial can be found over at Curbly if you’re interested in making your own hanging basket planters. I love the fun touch of color this little set can bring to your space. Another great example of personalizing IKEA items using a little bit of paint!

IKEA Hack making a hanging planter out of storage baskets

DIY Painted Wicker Basket

The best way to keep your fig tree happy is to make sure it lives in a pretty planter. But seriously, this little spray paint hack will leave you with the cutest paint dipped look you (and your plant) will be sure to love. Unfortunately IKEA no longer sells the KASTANJENÖT used in this DIY by House of Hawkes, but IKEA has plenty of other options in store you can choose from. A personal favorite is the Fladis. (I just wish it came in a bigger size!)

IKEA Hack dip painted wicker planter for fig tree

I hope these IKEA plant hacks have inspired you to get out there and DIY your own IKEA purchases. I’m bursting with ideas and ready to hit up my local IKEA to create some of my own hacks.

The Best IKEA Hacks for Happy Plants

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  • Nancy

    Hi! I also love indoors plants like you do! Unfortunately I don’t have enough light in my kitchen.. only some west light from a window. Any ideas for improving the natural light? I have thougt about mirrors but haven’t yet figured out how to place them and where.. Any ideas?

    • Brianna

      Hi Nancy!
      Mirrors would definitely be a creative solution, I’ve never thought of that! I am in a similar situation with my apartment, only having one window in my living room. I’ve started to hang some smaller plants right in front of the window. It blocks the view a bit, but I’d happily trade the view of my patio for more plants! There are also TONS of plants that do well with indirect sunlight, so they don’t necessarily need to be directly in front of your window to thrive 🙂

      Hope that helps!

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