DIY Outdoor Furniture Projects For Your Backyard

Spring is getting ready to kick in at full speed and its time to revamp your backyard. If you’re anything like me your backyard is probably looking pretty dismal after a long cold winter. This is the time of year where I usually spend countless hours searching the web for deals on outdoor furniture dreaming of relaxing summer weekends on my patio. Unfortunately I have yet to find a decent outdoor sofa for under $1,000 so this year I’ve turned to Pinterest. I’ve rounded up the best Pinterest has to offer in affordable DIY outdoor furniture projects.


1. Custom Pallet Sectional

If you’ve got the time and access to a few pallets, this sectional can be the perfect addition to your patio. Costing next to nothing Like The Yogurt DIY’d this awesome pallet sofa for her own backyard. Feel free to get creative and use some funky outdoor fabric for your seat cushion. Interested in trying this out for your backyard? Checkout the full tutorial here.

DIY pallet sectional will save you money when decorating your backyard or patio


2. Easy Pallet No-Sew Sofa

This sofa is even easier than the last one! All you need to do is literally stack a few pallets and nail on a backrest. To make things easier there are also instructions for no sew cushions. That’s right people, in less than an hour you can have your very own DIY sofa fit for backyard entertaining! Get the full scoop here.

Super Easy DIY Pallet sofa, perfect for any backyard.


3. DIY Privacy Planter

This DIY privacy planter is perfect for backyards that might be a little open. I love how this DIY’er surrounded her hot tub with them. HELLO PRIVACY! Also these are fantastic for vine plants! You’ll have complete privacy in no time! Check out the full directions here.

Amazing Privacy Planter DIY for your backyard


4. Balcony Bar

Where are all my fellow apartment dwellers? This next DIY is just for you! So many of us are crammed in small apartments with even smaller balconies. If you have a small outdoor space this DIY balcony bar can help you make the most of it! Balcony railings can vary is size so you’ll need to pull out the tape measure for this project.

This DIY balcony bar is perfect for small outdoor spaces in condos and apartments


5. Drop Cloth Hammock

Anyone who knows me will tell you I LOVE hammocks. I love the weightless feeling of rocking back and forward while being cradled in comfortable fabric. I found this AWESOME DIY by the Gardenista. Its a super simple two person hammock made out of a drop cloth. Love this project, if I had the space I would totally bring this bad boy to life.

Easy DIY Hammock using just a drop cloth!


6. DIY Patio Armchairs

Can you believe these two gorgeous white armchairs didn’t come from a store? That’s right Alicia from Thrifty and Chic made these! Unbelievable. she did a fantastic job and saved herself a ton of money with this DIY project. Check out her post here for the full details on this project.

Forget shopping for your backyard furniture at a store, checkout these DIY outdoor armchairs.


7. Tile Outdoor Dining Table

This farmhouse tile dining table transformation is incredible. I love giving old furniture new life, and Deb from Seeking Lavender Lane did just that. She refinished the top of her boring dull glass table and now its a fantastic statement piece in her backyard. This DIY is so inspiring, I’m ready to do a deep dive down craigslist to find myself a grungy old table to re-finish. If you’re planning your own DIY make sure to check out her full post here.

DIY Farmhouse outdoor dining table with a tile top.


8. Backyard Cabana

This is the most ambitious DIY backyard furniture I’ve seen yet. Building this DIY cabana is quite the undertaking and I must say bravo to Jamie Costiglio, it looks stunning in her backyard. This is the kind of project that I would get SUPER excited for, run out to Home Depot, pick up WAY too much lumber, and let it rot in my backyard all winter.

Awesome DIY Backyard Cabana


9. DIY Light Poles

OK this ones technically not a ‘furniture DIY’ (please don’t tell on me) but it still makes an awesome contribution to your backyard space. This one is super easy too. All you need is some thick branches and some cement. You mix up the cement, throw it in a bucket, place the branch in the cement and let it cure. Now the branch has a super sturdy base and you can string lights from it. The beauty in this DIY is you can add as many as you want to your backyard creating a beautiful ambiance.

DIY Backyard lighting posts


10. Concrete Block Bench

Finishing off my outdoor furniture DIY round up with another one for all my lazy DIY’ers. This one requires ZERO tools and can be assembled in minuets with minimal planning. This bench made of concrete blocks and a few 2×4’s fits together so fast and easy anyone can do it. Take a look at the tutorial here and give it a shot!

Fast and easy DIY Concrete block bench